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Construction Management


Construction Management

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Construction Management is a process that allows the client to select a company based on their qualifications which includes the company's experience and the quality of their staff. When Rizzo is chosen as a construction manager either at risk, negotiated, or as agent, we become a member of a collaborative project team, centralizing responsibility for construction under a single contract. Rizzo works with the client and design teams to make sure the design will meet the customer expectations of function and budget.

Construction Management Services

Some services that Rizzo offers during construction management are:

  • Developing budgets at various stages of design and tracking the budget throughout the project
  • Building a master schedule and continuously providing updates
  • Providing value engineering services to analyze the design and making recommendations for cost reductions, schedule acceptability, and function
  • Conducting constructability reviews to minimize issues during construction
  • Providing a professional team to plan, schedule, and coordinate throughout the project