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The Estimating Department’s main objective is to develop and maintain long-term relationships with owners, public and private institutions, and other contractors. The goals of our Estimating Department are to provide clear and concise estimates, whether we are acting as a Construction Manager, General Contractor, Prime, or Subcontractor.

We can prepare estimates in both CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) and Uniformat Elemental systems, and our estimating team uses a variety of software specific to estimating such as On-Center, Excel, AccuBid, and EBM (Electrical Bid Management).

Pre-Construction Services

The Rizzo Corporation also offers pre-construction services, which comprise the planning stage of a construction project where project budgets, scope of work, schedules, constructability, and other factors are reviewed and updated on design-specific milestones, which consist of:

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The very early stages of project design

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Initial design parameters are produced

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Design documents begin to include construction-level detail

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The design is complete, and the project can be constructed

All construction projects can benefit from pre-construction as the goal is to produce a quality set of bidding documents, minimize potential change orders, hold to a specific budget and maintain the project schedule. 


Key Components

Overall Project Evaluation
Understanding the scope of the work.

Site Analysis
Understanding how the project will be constructed, create safety and logistics plans, especially important in occupied facilities. Safety on all of our projects is of the utmost importance.

Understanding the Approval Process
Permitting, licensing, commissioning, etc.

Value Engineering
Offering cost and time saving ideas.

Constructability Reviews
Making sure the plans and specifications are accurate, well-coordinated, and reflect the proper scope of the work.

Cost Control
We provide estimates at each design milestone to track costs and make necessary revisions should the budgets vary from the desired outcome.

During pre-construction, we develop not only a pre-construction schedule but the actual construction schedule so that all parties involved, including subcontractors, understand the flow of the project, start and finish dates.

Procurement and Bid Phase
Our estimating department establishes bidding protocols, trade packages, and bid documents, identifies long lead items, holds or attends pre-bid conferences, solicits qualified bidders, and receives and analyzes bids. Working with the respective parties, we establish a final budget based on bids received, we award subcontracts, and we turn the project over to the Rizzo Operations staff to build.